This guide is to help you get started with earning your first commissions. If you need further help, please do email us at:

Quick start

Here are your steps to start earning commission:

  1. Use your unique link to bring people to our website. 
  2. Write blog posts or create social media posts about our ingenious products. Be sure to include your unique link.
  3. When people buy via your affiliate link, you will automatically be credited with 10% of the sales across all products.
  4. We will pay out within 45 days of each sale.

Affiliate Dashboard Guide

Your affiliate dashboard is split into several tabs. Here is an explanation of each tab:

Affiliate URLs – This tab allows you to generate affiliate links with your unique ID for any page on our site you want to link to.

Statistics – Shows an overview of all your stats for commissions you have generated

Graphs – Show a graphical overview of your referral earnings

Referrals – Shows the successful transactions that have

Payouts – Shows past referral payouts to your PayPal account

Settings – You can manage your PayPal payment email address here.

Your Links

Your unique link is:  

Want to bring people to a specific product or page? Create your affiliate link on your affiliate dashboard.


We pay commission directly into your PayPal account on the 15th of each month. However, if the 15th falls on a Saturday or Sunday or a Bank Holiday, we’ll pay you on the proceeding Friday.

We pay commission out on the 15th of the month after a sale has been made. Therefore, a minimum of 15 and a maximum of 45 days will lapse before your commission is paid.

Please note that commission is paid on the cart total. Any discounts or store credits will affect your commission.

Sales made in Your commission paid
January By 15th February
February By 15th March
March By 15th April
April By 15th May
May By 15th June
June By 15th July
July By 15th August
August By 15th September
September By 15th October
October By 15th November
November By 15th December
December By 15th January


You are welcome to create your own personal images. However if you do not have time please feel free to use one of these. Simply right-click on them and use ‘save image as’.

Content ideas

There are many things you can post or write about our Ingenious products. Here are some ideas to get you started:

Our Science – Our capsules are leading the beauty revolution. With a patented delivery system, we are the ONLY supplement that protects the collagen from being broken down by the stomach’s acid.

Our Ingredients – The combination of our ingredients ensure maximum effectiveness.

The benefits of taking Ingenious collagen – Reduced fine lines, stronger nails, thicker hair, increased vitality, support for joints – these benefits are why we have many loyal customers.

Celebrities who love our products –  We’re proud to have so many celebrities who use and love our Ingenious products.

Thank you

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