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Resources and answers to help you make more commission with Ingenious


Welcome to the Ingenious Affiliate Programme. In this guide you’ll discover how to use your affiliate code, when you get paid, and some best practices and resources to help you earn more commission.

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Information on how to use your discount codes and when you’ll be paid

getting paid

We pay commission directly into your PayPal account on the 15th of each month. Payment are for the all sales made in the previous month. If the 15th falls on a weekend or a Bank Holiday, we’ll pay you on the preceding Friday. Please note that commission is paid on the cart total, so  any discounts will affect your commission.

discount codes

When you join, we’ll set you up with your unique discount code to share with your followers. When your code is used, that sale is automatically attributed to you – even if they don’t arrive on the site via your affiliate link. You can find your unique discount code in your affiliate dashboard.

payment date EXAMPLES

Sales made in Your commission paid
January By 15th February
February By 15th March



Some best practice tips to help you drive more sales and commission


Your own experience – Your followers resonate with you and the products you love. Share your story of using our products and the differences you’ve noticed. Here is an example blog post.

The clinical trial – In our ground-breaking clinical trial 98% of women experienced a significant improvement to their skin. See the results here.

Collagen calculator – Our unique collagen calculator is way for your followers to see how collagen levels deplete with age. Click here to learn more.

Revolutionary Science – The only supplement in the world with patented technology to protect collagen and ensure unparalleled levels of collagen absorption. Watch our video.

Purity and sustainability – Our capsules contain no preservatives or additives. All our packaging is recyclable, and we use as little plastic as possible.

Hot Topics – Collagen is vital for skin, hair, nails, joints – especially before, during and after menopause. Our supplements also help with eyesight, immunity, brain health etc.


The content throughout our site contains facts and stats. Please ensure the information you give your followers is correct, and feel free to check with us if you are uncertain about anything. It is important that the claims you make on your posts are accurate.

When writing your content, feel free to use our blogs as a starting point, however, please do create your own content in your own authentic style, sharing your own experiences of our supplements. Please do not copy anything we have written word for word.



Some best practice tips to help you drive more sales and commission



On our website we have numerous blog posts with content ideas. Feel free to browse and be inspired (just please always rewrite content – otherwise we all get penalised with our SEO rankings).

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