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They work brilliantly. The capsules make a huge difference to my skin, hair and nails. Everything is soft and dewy! They also help with general aches and pains after exercise. Customer service from Ingenious is great.
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Fabulous supplement for skin. I’ve been using the capsules for about 6 weeks now and can see and feel big improvement to my skin. It’s much softer, smoother and more plumped up. Excellent service, very swift delivery! Will definitely keep buying. Thank you
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I was a wee bit sceptical that collagen capsules could really help me look and feel younger but I can't deny the results - harder nails, thicker, glossier hair and fewer wrinkles. Very efficient delivery service too.
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Excellent product and the results are showing. By taking them before bed, I never forget as well which is good in our busy lives. I have a couple of friends who have been taking them for longer than me and they are looking and feeling amazing so I shall definitely be keeping on with this.
C. Rock
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Absolutely wonderful Customer Service, that is quick and efficient. The Ingenious Products give results I have not received from any other products that I have tried and I have tried many as an Esthetician.
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Very impressed with product which I have been taking for 4 months and can only reiterate everyone else’s positive comments. Hairdresser commented that my hair is thicker and it does appear that the lines on my face have softened. Like the fact too that ingredients are kept to a minimum but do the same job as some more expensive brands.
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I really love this product. As I'm turning 50 in a couple of months, I decided I needed to actually start doing something to keep up appearances! My skin has definitely improved since I started using them about 3 months ago. The added bonus is that my pelvic floor has also tightened - a miracle at my age after two kids!
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Tried these pills back in September 2018 and have been hooked ever since. I feel great, my skin looks smoother (as a 46 year old man there is a lot to improve!) and have stronger nails and hair.
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I have noticed a remarkable improvement in the complexion of my skin, nails strength and hair growth whilst taking this product. As a personal trainer and Pilates instructor I take various supplements to maintain good joint health, I would recommend this product as it definitely has a positive effect on the suppleness of the joints. I also suffer from tension build up in my back from scoliosis and I feel this has also improved.
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Oh my god - these capsules are amazing.I almost never wear make-up anymore, just the tiniest bit of concealer, since my skin has started glowing. I have been taking them for 6 weeks now. I started noticing the difference after two weeks, but it was subtle and I wasn't totally sure. But as my skin got better and better I realised the capsules were doing their job. Just amazing.
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I have been using Ingenious Beauty now for 6 months and am truly delighted with the results. I can see an improvement in my skin tone and have received compliments from friends and family. I will definitely continue using them. Thank you Ingenious Beauty.
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I am new to collagen supplements and I have only been taking them 17 days but I am already feeling the benefits. My hair was suffering from a hormonal change and has been really dry for the last 18 months but in the last few days I’ve seen a difference.
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Noticeable improvements of how my skin looks and feels after just over a month of using this supplement. It’s more smoother, firmer and supple. I’m religiously taking 3 capsules every night, they’re easy to swallow and don’t have any side effects whatsoever.
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Even after one months use I have started to see and feel a difference . At 53 I don’t expect miracles but even after one month I can see and feel my skin is so much smoother . I like it so much I have started a subscription.
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Excellent customer service. I contacted Ingenious to ask if the collagen supplements was okay to take with other medication I'm on. Within 1hr I had a return call from their pharmacist. I've only been taking them for 1 month and I can tell an improvement in skin tone and firmness.
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I had been regular user of another powdered collagen blend. I waited a month to review Ingenious. I think there has been a definite improvement in my skin. Softer brighter, less wrinkles and better texture plus that glow. I’m a convert!
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My skin feels smoother and more plumped up. My nails have become stronger and less prone to splitting and breaking. Even my eyelashes and eyebrows are thicker. My hair is glossy and feels amazing. Even my creaky knees are not so achy. I’m 56 and I really do swear by the benefits of taking Ingenious.
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I’m one month in and I’ve got to say that I'm impressed by what it's done in such a short time. My face is less oily; I'm breaking out less; my hands are less dry; my joints are less stiff; I recuperate faster after I work out ( less sore muscles); and my hair is shinier; and my nails are growing faster.
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I can see and feel a dramatic improvement to my perimenopausal skin: hydrated and more vibrant in appearance. Not all collagen supplements are created equal but Ingenious really works and is a must-have for those who want good skin from the inside out.
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Even though it is very early days I can already tell that my moisture levels have increased as my vaginal moisture has quite obviously improved! Didn't expect that, however it has definitely happened and there have been no other changes to my life apart from taking this Collagen supplement.
M Boyd
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I’ve been using ingenious for about 4 years and it is a staple supplement in my cupboard. Not only does this ensure my skin, nails, and hair are at their top form, it eases aches and pains in the body, from stiff joints to overstretched tendons. One loyal customer here, I recommend to all my friends and family.
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It genuinely works! The strangest thing I have noticed is my hair colour. I've been getting increasing numbers of greys coming through over the last few years, but on these, my greys seem to be far fewer! I've been taking for a couple of months and also seen improvements in my skin.
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I got this for my girlfriend. She has a damaged knee with various diagnoses from doctors. The pain in the knee has lessened since taking the pills and her skin feels much smoother. I also used it last year for stiff and achy back and knees after standing around outside in the cold at my son's football matches and it worked a treat.

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