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Collagen is the most abundant protein in our bodies, making up the majority of our skin, hair and nails as well as being the basis for our bones, ligaments and joints. In childhood our collagen levels are high, but they begin to decline when we reach our mid-20’s. This decline in collagen is the main reason for ageing, both in our outward appearance (such as fine lines and wrinkles) but also in the way our bodies feel, with ageing issues such as aches and joint stiffness also attributed to lower levels of collagen.

Both women and men lose collagen steadily at around 1.5% a year, usually from the age of 25 onwards. However working out the rate of collagen loss is not as simple as multiplying 1.5 by the number of years someone has aged over 25, since each year the 1.5% is taken from the new reduced total. The mathematics is further complicated by the fact that male and female levels diverge when women hit menopause. For more information about how our collagen calculator works, please click here, or add in your age and gender to our collagen calculator to see what your levels are likely to be.

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After the age of 25, our bodies start to lose 1.5% collagen every year. Discover what your collagen levels might be (without supplementation) and learn how taking an Ingenious supplement can change things.



Men naturally have a higher collagen density in their skin which causes it to be roughly 25% thicker than women. The rate at which collagen levels deplete also varies between men and women.

collagen supplements

Collagen is vital to maintaining a healthy body. When collagen levels are high skin will feel soft and supple, hair will be lustrous, and nails will be strong. Therefore, as we age, it makes sense to seek out a collagen supplement to help us maintain these levels. However, not all collagen supplements are created equal.

Collagen supplements come in all shapes and sizes: drinks, powders, tablets, capsules – there are even collagen sweeties and cordials. However, in many cases these supplements will do little for the body. One issue is that collagen is a protein, so when taken orally in any form will be broken down and degraded in the stomach.

Ingenious supplements are different. We use a unique patented capsule to protect the collagen from the action of the stomach, so none of it gets degraded or destroyed. When tested in a huge independent clinical trial, 98% those taking Ingenious Beauty saw significant improvements to their skin.



High intensity exercise rapidly reduces levels of collagen in a body. Professional athletes and sports people therefore experience more advanced levels of collagen depletion than normal.

collagen destroyers


  • Increases enzymes that breakdown collagen
  • Produces free radicals that destroy collagen
  • Weakens fibroblasts hence reducing collagen production


  • Chemicals in tobacco smoke attack collagen
  • Produces free radicals that destroy collagen
  • Weakens fibroblasts hence reducing collagen production


  • Damages collagen molecules via glycation
  • Loss of type III collagen reducing elasticity
  • Increases impact of UV radiation (Sun)


  • Increases vulnerability to free radical damage
  • Produces free radicals that destroy collagen
  • Weakens fibroblasts hence reducing collagen production



During the menopause collagen depletion increases significantly. Without supplementation, woman can experience 30% falls in the collagen in their skin in just five years after menopause. 

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