Our Story

In 2008 the founders of Ingenious Beauty, David Hyland MSc MBA and Pupinder Ghatora, MPharm MRPharm SSCS, met whilst studying collagen and its effects upon the body.

They were struck by the way collagen affects so many aspects of the way we look and feel; from our outward appearance (healthy looking skin, hair and nails) to the inner workings of our body, (our joints, energy and ability to heal).

Young people have a natural abundance of collagen, but as we age our ability to reproduce collagen diminishes. David and Pupinder realised an effective collagen supplement would have the potential to transform the way people both look and feel.

However their research also revealed a significant barrier that needed to be overcome for maximum effectiveness.

After several trials using various pharmaceutical delivery mechanisms, they decided to use an ingenious capsule. It was able to travel through the stomach, but degraded in the small intestine, the site of maximum absorption. 

Through their investigations they discovered their capsule enabled the collagen peptide to work its way all over the body, to the joints, skin and bones, in fact anywhere that the body needed it.

With the capsule tested, David and Pupinder looked once again at the body and wondered if there was anything else that would truly benefit a person as they aged. They toyed with numerous possibilities before finally deciding on two further hero ingredients; Hyaluronic Acid and Astaxanthin.

Hyaluronic Acid is a molecule already naturally occurring in our bodies It can bind to 1,000 times its own weight in water and is wonderful for skin and joints alike.

Astaxanthin is an amazing antioxidant, 6,000 times more powerful than vitamin C. Studies have shown it provides protection from UV rays and boosts immunity.  

They worked out the optimum quantities the body needed of the three ingredients: collagen, hyaluronic acid and astaxanthin, then patented and trademarked their triple active formula with its unique enteric delivery capsule.

It was important to both Pupinder and David to create the highest quality, most holistic supplement possible, so they chose to manufacture in the UK where the capsules are hand-filled to protect the delicate structure of the active ingredients. They do not use fillers, binding agents, sweeteners or preservatives that are commonly found in lower quality supplements.

Since Ingenious Beauty launched in 2016, the testimonials have been glowing, and it is widely used by models and celebrities, discover what they say.

In January 2019 Ingenious Beauty received the Good Housekeeping seal of approval, after a three month trial, which concluded:
“Testers were pleased to see a noticeable improvement to their skin, with complexions looking brighter and more even toned. Nails were smoother and stronger, and hair felt thicker. Testers loved that the capsules had little to no taste which meant it was easy to take. 78% of testers said they were satisfied with the beauty supplement and would continue to use it.”