GIVE £20, GET £20

Shhh… new people are discovering our Ingenious supplements everyday. With unique, patented technology- tell your friends to try us for themselves and you’ll share £40 of savings! They’ll get a welcome credit of £20, and you’ll receive a £20 store credit for every customer you bring us.


september offer
3 friends = £120 store credit

In September, tell your friends about Ingenious and if 3 of them purchase, we will double your store credit. That means you could earn store credit of £120 (normally £60)  – more than enough to cover a subscription to Ingenious Beauty or Ingenious Vegan! Every friend you ‘Share the Secret’ with will still get a £20 welcome discount off their first order.

How it works


Log in to your Ingenious account to access your unique referral code. If you are already logged in, your referral code will show on this page.


Share your code with all your friends, who can then paste it into the checkout for their £20 discount to be applied.


When any friend makes a purchase, £20 is added to your account for use on your next order. You don’t have to spend your store credit this month. It’s our way of saying thank you.



Your questions answered

You can refer as many friends as you like, and you will accrue credit every time. There is no limit on the number of friends you can refer or the amount of credit you can accrue, so start referring… your next order will be completely free.

They input your unique referral code into the ‘coupon code’ box on the checkout page and click the ‘apply’ button. They will see that their discount has then been applied to their price.

Your store credit is added to your account once a legitimate referral purchase is approved. You can see your store credits online when you are logged into your Ingenious account.  (

Yes. If you have a subscription with us, any store credit you accrue from friend referrals will be automatically deducted from your next subscription renewal. If you accrue more store credit than your next renewal payment amount, your store credit will be rolled over.

Yes, if you do not use all your store credit on one purchase, it will be saved until the next time.

There are no time limits on your store credit

No. The refer a friend scheme only works when a new customer places an order which must be delivered to a different address from the referee.

Thank you

Thank you for joining our mailing list. Here is your one-time coupon code to use on any of our products to receive a 10% discount.