The best way to buy Ingenious Beauty is through our subscription offer. Take advantage of amazing savings and automated renewals to ensure you never run out of your favourite supplement.

The benefits

Save money –By ordering Ingenious Beauty on subscription, you are saving 25% compared to purchasing three months of our standard bottle.

Works with ‘Refer a Friend’ – Any store credit you earn will automatically be applied to your next subscription payment.

It’s fully automated – We’ll send you a 90-day supply every three months, automatically. There is nothing for you to do. It just works Ingeniously!

Pause or cancel – Our subscription offer is completely flexible. Pause or cancel at any time. There are no penalties or tie-ins.

You’re in control – Going to be on holiday when your next delivery is due? No problem, alter your delivery dates to suit your schedule.

More environmentally friendly – Your subscription will arrive in eco pouches every 3 months, reducing packaging and transport.

£99.99 every 3 months

Your questions answered

No. Our subscription service is now fully automated. No action will be needed, (such as re-entering card details for each delivery). The only time you will need to update your card details are when your card expires (which can be done in My Account). Otherwise, unless you are going away or wish to make a change to your subscription, you can relax and know your delivery will arrive, like clockwork, when you need it.

It works seamlessly! When you refer a friend to Ingenious who makes a purchase, a £15 store credit will be added to your account. For customers with a subscription, this store credit will be deducted off your next bill. There is nothing for you to do, it’s fully automated.

Start referring now! Go to Refer a Friend to get your unique code. There is no limit on the number of friends you can refer.

To cancel your subscription, head to the Subscriptions tab in your My Account, and click cancel on your subscription. 

If you want to pause your subscription for a while rather than cancelling, you can do that too.

Our subscription offer is flexible. If you need to receive your next delivery early, that can be arranged by clicking the ‘Renew Now’ button on the Subscriptions tab of your My Account section. This will allow you to take delivery of your next renewal before you leave. Your next renewal will automatically fall back into the previous schedule.

If you are away for more than three months, firstly, we really want your lifestyle – secondly, you can pause your subscription until you return. Send us a postcard.

Yes. For those new to Ingenious, we recommend taking our 30-day trial to see how much you like the product. Once you are satisfied with the results, the subscription is the most cost effective way to continue taking Ingenious Beauty.

Thank you

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